Sérgio Assad, guitar; Clarice Assad, piano & vocals; & Third Coast Percussion - 92Y, New York

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Inflection Series

Sérgio Assad, guitar; Clarice Assad, piano & vocals; & Third Coast Percussion

Archetypes (New York premiere)
The Bolton Memorial Concert
Sérgio Assad, Clarice Assad, and Third Coast Percussion
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Master guitarist-composer Sérgio Assad joins pianist and vocalist Clarice Assad and the dazzling Grammy Award-winning Third Coast Percussion in the New York premiere of Archetypes.

This captivating new work, inspired by archetypal figures found in folklore, myth and legend, is a vibrant exploration of the stories and symbols that traverse cultures and transcend time. Each member of the ensemble has composed part of the 12-movement piece that comprises the evening’s performance; the musical influences are as broad and diverse as their inspirations.

The performers note:

“The thematic idea behind our proposal is based on the concept of the most common 12 Archetypes. These universal symbolic patterns appear in stories (great floods, creation, paradise, apocalypse) as well as characters, myths and legends that have remarkable similarities across cultures all over the world. We are truly excited to begin exploring every angle of this intense subject. It is our goal to craft a singular and meaningful musical contribution through storytelling, by taking advantage of the endless possibilities of instruments which include hundreds of sonorities produced by the percussion quartet, the guitar, the piano, and voice.”


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