An Intro to Chinese Medicine - 92Y, New York

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An Intro to Chinese Medicine

Siu Ping Negrin

This workshop will demystify Chinese Medicine and how it fits into our contemporary times of “LIVING GREEN” while complementing the Western approach to health.

Learn how the simple notion of “free flow” is a major component in maintaining health. Before the availability of modern technology and science, Chinese Medicine (a complete medical system) was designed using natural resources to balance the flow of energy for wellness and healing. Over 4,000 years later, Chinese acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, Tai Chi and Qi Gong is not only growing, but its relevance is converging with contemporary ideals for health, environmental and economic sustainability. This workshop will end with a 30 minute Qi Gong Meditation where you will learn how to utilize surrounding energies to enter a meditative state for self-healing and peace.


Siu Ping Negrin

Siu Ping Negrin is a Chinese Medicine practitioner on the Upper East Side for 20 years. Her healing approach is based on the belief that maximum health is achieved by empowering one’s internal healing power. Siu utilizes acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, and Qi Gong massage to provide personalized treatment plans to rebalance each client’s unique energetic constitution. As Siu experienced tremendous improvement in her own health through intensive Qi Gong studies with Masters Robert Peng and Chun Yi Lin, she recognized the importance of facilitating one’s own wellbeing and hea ...

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