America’s First Ladies - 92Y, New York

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America’s First Ladies

Doug Brin

American history buff and raconteur, Doug Brin, provides a colorful overview of America’s First Ladies — from those of undeniable prominence and public stature — such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton — to the lesser-known but intriguing women whose presence and support proved invaluable to their husbands.

These are women from a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds, who determinedly melded their life situations in ways that furthered and heightened the prospects of their husbands, who sometimes unexpectedly gained the presidency. Learn how an unfortunate number of First Ladies suffered the premature deaths of beloved children — or even themselves. Taken as a whole, the panoply of these figures reflect both the persistent and changing roles of women in our society.

Doug Brin

Doug Brin brings a varied and experienced background to his talks on American History.