A Gourmet Lovers Guide to Italy by Francine Segan - 92Y, New York

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A Gourmet Lovers Guide to Italy

Francine Segan

Discover Italy’s most beloved culinary contributions: savory, sweet, and poured!

This series of lectures by food historian Francine Segan will take a deep dive into the unique and inspiring food and drink that make Italy a traveler’s dream. And you won’t even have to leave New York! Attendees will walk away from these talk and tasting evenings with a better understanding of the regions, ingredients, and language of Italy’s food and wine culture.

Tue, Feb 4: A Taste of Italy

With the temperate climate of the Mediterranean, the cool Alpine air, and the warm sun of the south, Italy has some of the most diverse landscapes and temperatures of any European country. This combination has helped create one of the world’s most famous food and drink cultures. Learn why Italian food is one of the world’s most popular, get tips on where to find the best Italian ingredients in New York City, and where and what to eat in Italy. Tasting included!

Tue, Mar 10: Italian for Food Lovers

Learn the language of food in this introduction to Italian language for food lovers. Whether you’re taking a trip to Italy or just looking to order at your local restaurant, gain the confidence to understand and pronounce common words that will enhance your experience all the more. Enjoy a tasting of some Italian favorites and practice your pronunciation in a festive setting.

Mon, Apr 6: Italy's Cheeses

Italy is one of the word’s more renowned cheese producers, with well over 300 unique types. Enjoy guided tastings and virtual tours of how cheeses, like Emilia-Romagna’s famed Parmigiano-Reggiano are made. Discover the stories behind Italy’s sheep milk pecorinos, tangy goat milk caprino cheeses, water buffalo mozzarella, and burrata. Learn how cook with authentic Italian cheese and how to create the perfect Italian cheese course.

Tue, May 12: Italy's Coffee Culture

Taste different coffees and coffee drinks as you learn about their origins, how to make a perfect cup of brew, how to cook with coffee, and the history and traditions around espresso in this sure-to-be-lively class.


Francine Segan

Francine Segan is the author of six books including Shakespeare’s Kitchen and Dolci: Italy’s Sweets. Her most recent book is Pasta Modern.