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Mobile Dance Film Festival

Smartphones. Sensational Dance.

If mobile devices free up more filmmakers in this way, the next mobile dance film festival could be something to see.”

The New York Times

The smartphone has enabled artists to escape dance’s time/space conundrum to unleash their creativity in surprising ways. The motto of the festival could be ‘have smartphone, will dance’ as artists break free from the four walls of the studio and theater.”

Dance Enthusiast

PROGRAM A – 2019 Official Selections

  • Andrew Harper and Katherine Henly: “New York Moment”
  • Bryce Wagner: “Beyond the Horizon”
  • Cina and Alexandra - Centenary University: “Cina and Alexandra”
  • Don’t Ask Why: “Don’t Ask Why”
  • Eva Eger: “The Else of Something Else”
  • Gwen Charles: “Surrender/Resistance”
  • GRINDER-MAN: “Nexus”
  • Kay Armstrong: “Ripe”
  • Lucia Penaloza: “Sol O El Sol”
  • Nancy Rivera and Adrien Padilla: “Binding Perceptions”
  • Nicole Curtis: “Go”
  • Roma Flowers and Nina Martin: “Secondary Surfaces Redreamed”
  • Simon and Sara: “Dwam”
  • Stephanie Perez: “Shedding”
  • Tom Pearson: “Passaggio”
  • Uma Shannon: “Cover Up”

PROGRAM B – 2019 Official Selections

  • Charly Santagado/Mignolo Dance: “Surge”
  • Dance Emergency: “Williamsburg”
  • Didier Mulleras: “Dress Code”
  • Elijah Richardson: “Pilgrim”
  • Eric Trope: “Patience”
  • Gabriel Lopez Ruiz: “Tus Muslos”
  • Gwen Charles: “Plastic Prism”
  • Liz Curtis: “Beyond”
  • Luli Brindisi: “Sick With It”
  • Nicole Curtis: “Sweetie”
  • Rebecca Gillespie: “The French Girl”
  • Richard Mascherin: “Canary Bird”
  • Robin Bisio and Anna Rose: “Exile From the Moon”
  • Shannon Mueller: “The Road Less Travelled”
  • Stephanie Perez: “Sombra”
  • Uma Shannon: “CLUBHOUSE”

PROGRAM C – 2019 Official Selections

  • Adriano Andre and Rosa da Silva: “Rio Cor de Rosa”
  • Billie Bird: “Ocean Prose”
  • Cara Hagan: “Running and Running and Running”
  • David Fernandez: “The Clock”
  • Gjergj Bodari: “Amazing”
  • GREYZONE: “Rift”
  • Guillaume Prie: “In Between”
  • Gwen Charles: “All Shook Up”
  • Lucia Penaloza: “La Una”
  • Marilena Grafakos: “The Shower”
  • Marites Carino: “Colores”
  • Mateus Almeida da Silva: “HVNT”
  • Maxine Patronik and Sara Schroerlucke: “We All Live Here”
  • Richard Mascherin: “Derby House”
  • Spruce Creek High School I.B. Dance: “Bloom”
  • Younes Ben Hajria/ARTYOUNES: “Souf-isme”


Our submission period is closed. Please stay tuned for updates about selections. Thank you!

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