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From the moment the words “motion” and “pictures” were first paired, dance and film were destined for one another. Now, as mobile technology empowers a new generation of filmmakers, comes the first dance film festival featuring works shot entirely on mobile devices.

The 92Y Mobile Dance Film Festival explores the magic that happens at the intersection of choreography, camerawork and editing—revealing new dimensions in movement and offering intimate access and up-close perspectives on the physical and spatial dynamics of dance. It’s dance and film—like you’ve never experienced before.

Join us as we discover dance’s next take!

The films below, selected by an international jury of dance filmmakers, were presented at 92Y Harkness Dance Center at the Festival’s live screening.

Official Selections

Sarah Lapinsky, Vermont, USA
Plastic Plates Don’t Break

Rami Shafi, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Blind Date Duet

Raven Jackson, New York City, USA
A Guide to Breathing Underwater

Max Stone, NYC, USA
My Cup of Tea

Nurlan Zamiyev, Kazakhstan
Meet Me in My Dream

Paige Barnett and Alexis Young, Louisiana, USA

Jay Carlon, California, USA
Dance Film Selfie

Elijah Richardson, California, USA
The Bathroom of Seville

Norberto Collazo, Puerto Rico
Dip Blue

Brandon Coleman, Texas, USA

Eric Berey, New York City, USA

Emma Cohen, Illinois, USA
and the pools at the end of the world where the swallow dips her wings

Art Committed, Poland

Adrian Del Arroyo, England
The Hive Minuet

Ariel Monticure, Texas, USA
Spread Thin

Pawel Cukier, Netherlands

Claudio Pelizzer, Italy
Carry Me Home

Leyla, Azerbaijan

Rami Shafi, New York City, USA
Nicole Wolcott in Washington Square Park

Oleg Klevakin, Russia

Isabella Vergara, New Jersey, USA
What Still Remains

Nicola Hepp, Sweden

Lisa Kusanagi, Japan
Keep on Working

Max Stone, New York City, USA
Duel One Minute


Natalia Roberts

Natalia Roberts is a self-driven dancer, mover and creator. Her background in architecture and graphic design give her a unique perspective on composition, space and light …

Taylor Donofrio

Taylor Donofrio is a Brooklyn based choreographer and performer. Taylor creates movement to offer a visceral and cerebral experience for her audience …

Regina Lissowska-Postaremczak

Regina Lissowska-Postaremczak is a dance critic, researcher, choreographer and dance film programmer …

Laura Margulies

Laura Margulies began animating in 1988 as a means to combine her love of dance and art …

Sally Sommer

Sally Sommer is a dance historian, dance critic, academic and recognized expert on dance in American popular culture …

Our submission period is closed. Please stay tuned for updates about selections. Thank you!

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