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Can I try out a dance class before registering for the full semester?

YES! If you are an adult, you may try a class by purchasing a single-class card. If you like the class and would like to register for the full semester, you simply pay the balance before the 2nd class meets. This does not apply to social dance classes.

If you would like your child to try a class, s/he may try the first class of the semester for free. Simply fill out a 92Y Harkness Dance Center Try-A-Class form and turn it into the 2nd Floor Dance Center office before the class meets. If your child enjoys the class and would like to continue, registration must be completed within 48 hours of the trial date. Because class sizes are limited and many classes fill, only registration ensures a place in class. Participation in Try-A-Class does not guarantee placement.

Can I start taking classes in the middle of a semester or do I have to sign up from the beginning?

Adults are welcome to start dancing any time by purchasing a single-class card, 10-class card, or Dance to the Max card. We recommend that new beginners register for the full semester and start at the beginning to get a good foundation of technique. If you have danced before or feel comfortable modifying movement for yourself as needed you are welcome to drop in as your schedule and interest allows. If you are coming to the same class every week, it is the most cost efficient per class to register for the full semester.

Children and teens must register for the full semester. New students will not be accepted after the third week of class and must wait until the following semester to join. Please note that we do not prorate for late starts.

If I register for a class and miss one, am I allowed to do a make-up?

Adults may arrange make-up classes in any dance genre (excepting social dance) within the same semester by calling Amber Connors-Merino at 212.415.5553 or by e-mail. Students may make up any missed social dance classes by attending the comparable class of the following session.

It is not Dance Center policy to provide make-up classes or issue refunds for children and teens for classes missed due to illness, emergencies, acts of God, or other events beyond our control.

How do I know which level to sign up for?

We recommend that adults that are new to dance register for a beginning level course and start at the beginning of the semester. Beginning level classes are also appropriate for students trying a new style or who have not danced in a long time and would like a refresher on the basics. Students interested in Beginning Ballet should have knowledge of basic ballet vocabulary. Students interested in ballet who have never taken a dance class before should take Intro to Ballet for Absolute Beginners. Students who have at least a year of recent practice can take advanced beginner classes. Students should have at least 2 years of recent practice for Intermediate courses.

Children and teens must be the specified age for class by the date the first class meets. Students that are new to dance are welcome to take any of our basics classes for the specified age. Currently enrolled students receive an evaluation at the end of the spring semester with a teacher recommendation for the level to register for the following year. Students that are new to 92Y and have dance experience may try the first class of the semester as a placement evaluation. The Dance Center staff is also happy to speak directly with new families to find an appropriate course and level.

Do you rent studio space for rehearsals?

Yes! We have three studios available for rent for dance rehearsals only (no classes, no workshops, and no private lessons). Edward Henkel, our Associate Director, schedules the space. You may reach him by calling 212.415.5554 or by e-mail. Prospective renters will need to complete a Space Grant Application, available on our website

Is there a dress code for the class? Where do I buy the clothing?

Yes. Here is a link to the Dress Code for Children. Here is a link to the Dress Code for Adults. Dancewear store locations are listed at the bottom of each.

As a member of the 92Y May Center for Health & Fitness, am I eligible for any discounts?

Yes. We offer a 25% Discount off of a full semester registration for May Center Members. You must register for the full semester to be eligible for the discount.

As a senior citizen (age 62 or older), am I eligible for any discount?

Yes. We offer a 5% discount off of full semester registration for ages 62 and up. You must register for the entire semester.

Do I need to be a member of 92Y to take a dance class?

No. Anyone can register for dance classes or purchase class cards, regardless of membership with 92Y. However, we do offer a 25% Discount to May Center Members off of full semester registration.