Intro to the Arts: Group Guitar for Beginners - 92Y, New York

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Intro to the Arts

Group Guitar for Beginners

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Sessions Start: Mon, Jan 8, 2018, 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Class in progress. Call 212.415.5580 or email to register.


Nelson Riveros

New York based guitarist Nelson Riveros recently released his debut recording titled Camino Al Barrio, a Contemporary Latin-Jazz CD with a diverse array of rhythms and fresh improvisations. Camino al Barrio peaked at #8 on the Jazz Week World Music Chart. He was nominated among his peers as ‘Next Best Generation Artist’ and ‘Best Latin Jazz Guitar’ for the 2010 Latin Jazz Corner Best of The Year Awards.

Born of Colombian parents, Nelson grew up listening to his parent’s record collection, which was a staple that instilled him with a ...