Fall Floral Arrangements - 92Y, New York

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Fall Floral Arrangements

Sessions Start: Thu, Oct 10, 2019, 6:30 pm - 8 pm

Class is in session, registration is still open.


Betsy Karetnick

Betsy Karetnick is the founder, owner and chief designer of The Portable Garden. Created in 2004, The Portable Garden has grown to become a premier source of special event flowers, event décor and landscape design. Betsy is also an accomplished broadcaster and journalist, working exclusively for Martha Stewart Omnimedia as host of Morning LivingEveryday Food and other lifestyle shows on SiriusXM for the nearly 8 year duration of Martha Stewart’s channel on the satellite provider. Betsy is a nationally recognized expert on lifestyle and consumer issues and has worked with dozens of the country’s top food and design sources. She also blogs her kitchen adventures on IAmNotARestaurant.com.

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