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Jewish Life

Happy Chanukah

It is the time when we begin to feel the colder air outside and experience a sunset that occurs earlier each day. Chanukah, with menorah lights and hot latkes, makes these days feel a bit warmer and our bellies fuller. We spend time with our families and friends, celebrating the bravery and success of the Maccabees while also enjoying the story of the miracle of the oil. We play dreidel and spend time with those we love.

This Chanukkah season, as we watch the candles glow inside of our homes, may each of us cherish these eight nights of love with our families and friends. Join us, your 92Y friends in celebrating this wonderful holiday as we experience a magical candle lighting and concert on our rooftop underneath a canopy of twinkling lights!”

Rabbi Joui M. Hessel
Vice President of Jewish Life
Bronfman Center for Jewish Life, 92Y