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Because we believe your child should pursue the kinds of experiences they feel most passionate about, we’ve created Zoom-In! — two, one-week summer intensives for your family to choose from. Each intensive can be purchased on top of a two week minimum at Camp Yomi, Camp Ilanot, or Camp Yomi Seniors.

Fashion Tech Zoom-In (ages 8-13)

Does your camper have a passion for fashion and technology? If so our Fashion Tech Zoom-in is the perfect place for your camper to ignite their passion for math, science, engineering, technology & creativity. Campers will spend the week learning fashion design through a STEM lens and even create their own fashion tech creation led by the incredible. Swimming and a day trip to the best fabric stores and hidden gems of the garment district included.

Baseball (ages 6-13)

Kids will learn the basics of America’s pastime—hitting, pitching, catching and fielding—using the equipment of contemporary pro teams. The week also includes traditional camp activities and a trip to a professional baseball game.

Zoom-In Sample Days

Baseball Camp
1st Period Learn the Basics! Practice basic and advanced fundamental techniques as you warm up for the day.
2nd Period Figuring out the game! Position based drills designed to increase a Ballplayers Baseball IQ.
3rd Period Recreational Swim
4th Period Lunch
5th Period Climbing Tower Break!
6th Period Batting Practice and Bullpen Time
7th Period Game time! Play full length games, strengthen and condition while receiving position specific education.
8th Period Snack and Dismissal