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Because we believe your child should pursue the kinds of experiences they feel most passionate about, we’ve created Zoom-In! — three, one-week summer intensives for your family to choose from: baseball, theater arts and buildings/cities construction. Each intensive can be purchased separately, and without registering for our traditional day camp.

Baseball (ages 6-13)

Kids will learn the basics of America’s pastime — hitting, pitching, catching and fielding — using the equipment of contemporary pro teams: a hitting tunnel, dugouts, scoreboard and a pitching machine. Activities will also include swimming, climbing wall, ropes course and a day trip to a professional baseball game.

Theatre Arts (ages 6-13)

Taught by professionals, campers will experience a week of creative fun as they practice dance choreography, learn lines, memorize lyrics, sing and devise stage characters. Teamwork and problem-solving are stressed through daily theater games, prop and set making. The sessions’ highlight occurs on Friday, where the campers perform showcase of selections from a popular musical, followed by a celebration.

ConstructionKids at Camp Yomi (ages 6-13)

Our collaboration with Construction Kids will allow your camper to do more than build objects with their hands and tools — they will develop critical thinking, interpersonal communication skills and independence while boosting their understanding of the complex structures used to create buildings. The constructed cities will be brought to life with the introduction of electricity to the projects.

Visit our registration page to sign up.

Zoom-In Sample Days

Baseball Camp
1st PeriodLearn the Basics! Practice basic and advanced fundamental techniques as you warm up for the day.
2nd PeriodFiguring out the game! Position based drills designed to increase a Ballplayers Baseball IQ.
3rd PeriodRecreational Swim
4th PeriodLunch
5th PeriodClimbing Tower Break!
6th PeriodBatting Practice and Bullpen Time
7th PeriodGame time! Play full length games, strengthen and condition while receiving position specific education.
8th PeriodSnack and Dismissal
Theater Camp
1st PeriodSing Off! Get to know your fellow actors and actresses by singing 30 seconds of your favorite song.
2nd PeriodArt Break! Let’s build some sets!
3rd PeriodRecreational Swim
4th PeriodRole Call! Get assigned your very own part in our week-long production and begin to learn the art of memorizing your lines.
5th PeriodLunch
6th PeriodLaugh it out! Learn the art of improv with special guests Laugh It Out!
7th PeriodDance Break! Learn all the moves you will need to dance your way through the week.
8th PeriodSnack and Dismissal
Construction Camp
1st PeriodBuild Session One: Hammering 101. Learn the safe use of hammers, nails and basic tools.
2nd PeriodZipline Break!
3rd PeriodRecreational Swim
4th PeriodBuild Session Two: Cut Box and Jab Saw 101. Learn how to saw on the construction site.
5th PeriodLunch
6th PeriodBuild Session Three: Design Time! Use what’s been learned so far to design cities!
7th PeriodBuild Session Four: Let’s build! Create blue prints, assemble, construct, and prepare to build.
8th PeriodSnack and Dismissal