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Camp Yomi

We all know how important it is that our children catch up to other countries in the race to learn about science, technology, engineering and math.

That’s why 92Y Camps has partnered with the New York Academy of Sciences this summer to bring STEM programs to kids at camp.

Teaching kids about science shouldn’t be like making sure they eat their veggies. Science can be wild, amazing, exciting—and learning about it should be, too!

At our summer camps, fun and learning go hand in hand. So while your child is playing baseball, cooking, painting, climbing the rock wall or planting tomatoes, they’ll also be learning a thing or two about all the science behind these activities—like how their bodies change when they’re active (for a taste of physiology), the mechanics of a kick (kinematics), the chemistry in cooking and ceramics, and lots more.

Plus, the Jewish Museum is conducting an archeological program and instructors from the Children’s Museum of Manhattan lead workshops on all kinds of wild and crazy science—like how a mosquito bites, the amazing properties of rubber, how the sun works.

So when your child asks, “WHY?” this summer, Camp Yomi will help them find not just the answers—but also the confidence and curiosity to keep them wanting to learn more.