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Camp Yomi Seniors

For children entering 5th and 6th grades, we offer this extension of Camp Yomi with more choice and individuality. Yomi Seniors follow their passions and interests by selecting “majors” and “minors” — morning special-interest programs that include a variety of sports, photography, art bash, film, dance, model building, yoga, outdoor cooking, nature and gardening. Yomi Seniors go on exciting day trips throughout the summer including a baseball game, amusement park and waterpark. The program highlights include an overnight trip to Hershey Park, and an outdoor camping adventure. And for added excitement, we give Yomi Seniors the chance to find out what sleepaway camp is all about, with an end-of-summer four-day retreat to the Poconos.

For Yomi Seniors, it’s big fun, big kid style, all summer long.

Overnight dates:

Jul 12-13 – Pinemere Camp; Stroudsburg, PA & Camelbeach Waterpark; Tannersville, PA
Jul 19-20 – White Water rafting; White Haven, PA
Aug 2–3 – Hershey Park; Hershey, PA
Aug 13-17 – NJY, Camp Nah-Jee-Wah; Milford, PA