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Welcome to 92Y Camps! For over 60 years, our camps have offered the best summer ever to kids throughout NYC.

With a 50-acre campground (located in Rockland County) filled with state-of-the-art music, dance, swim and craft facilities, interactive multimedia and filmmaking studios and thrill-seeking adventure courses, no one does summer camp like 92Y. Our campers experience a blend of athletic, artistic and educational activities — the quintessential summer camp experience is only 20 minutes outside of New York City, with pickups in Manhattan, Brooklyn and north of Manhattan.

We are dedicated to providing the highest standard summer camp. Our expertly designed programs provide endless fun and opportunity for discovery and adventure. Whether they’re learning to dive for the first time in our Red Cross Swim program, soaring through the trees on a zip line or creating ceramics, every child is cherished and given space to grow.

There’s no better way to spend the summer!

It’s All about VAULES …

We want all our campers to feel safe and secure, both emotionally and physically, so they can develop and grow. That means giving them the chance to take safe risks, learn through trial and error, build creatively and develop resilience — all in an atmosphere of warmth and fun.

  • Kindness — Campers learn empathy and respect for others. They find out what it’s like to make a positive difference in the world.
  • Individuality — Our camp electives and multi-track specializations empower children to ask questions and gain a sense of independence to try things at their own pace, think for themselves and gain the confidence to be guided by their own interests and talents.
  • Motivation — Campers retain their natural curiosity and zest for learning something new.
  • Creativity — Campers are supported by staff in tackling problems and finding solutions by working them out for themselves.
  • Resilience — Campers are encouraged to believe in themselves, to respond to failure as an opportunity to learn, to bounce back from disappointment, to approach life with enthusiasm.


Lauren Wexler

Director of Camps

Lauren is a long time “lover of camp.” Lauren grew up as a camper, counselor and division head at Pinemere Camp, a JCC sleep away camp in the Poconos …

Efrat Gilman

Associate Camp Director (Israeli Programming)

Efrat joined the 92Y Camps team 15 years after her first summer gig as a counselor in Camp Yomi …

Orlee Levin

Associate Director

Orlee joined the 92Y Camps team 10 years ago as a Head Counselor in Camp Yomi and grew professionally …

Melissa Cole

Assistant Director

Hardly a stranger to 92Y, Melissa is a Long Island native who has found a home within 92Y’s Camp Team …

Meet 92Y Camp Yomi's Resident Bear

Yomi Bear

Yomi is not your average bear — and Camp Yomi’s not your average day camp!