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Birthday Parties & Virtual Kids Konnections

We can still have fun and engaging experiences and field trips together without leaving the house!

What is a Virtual Kids Konnection?

A 92Y professional coach leads an engaging and unique activity centered around your chosen theme (options below) using a live-streamed, interactive video platform (Zoom), which enables your group to enjoy their field trip with friends, classmates and/or family.


Virtual Kids Konnection Field Trips are offered any day of the week between 9 am-8 pm (pending coach availability). You may coordinate your day/time request by contacting us.


  • $135 for 1-hour event, 1 instructor
  • $150 per room for break-out room options


Parkour & Ninja Warrior (ages 5+)

Professional 92Y Parkour instructor leads children through user-friendly Parkour skills, home-based physical games, and challenges that promote agility, strength and creativity!

Materials Needed: A T-shirt, 2 long towels, small plastic bowl, and cotton balls or a few very small toys such as Legos.

Circus Skills & Juggling (ages 5+)

Professional 92Y Circus instructor leads exciting and fun circus and juggling skills for you to create the feeling of the Big Top at home! Children learn a juggling routine, test tightrope skills, and create their own clown!

Materials Needed: 4-6 pairs of socks, paper & drawing/coloring utensils.

Art (ages 5+)

Professional 92Y Art instructor leads your choice of fun and easy art projects (from the list of projects offered) for your child and guests to enjoy!

Materials Needed: varies from project to project, but may include paper, markers or crayons, glue stick, liquid glue, or tape, and scissors.

Art projects to choose from:

  • Pop Up Birthday Cards
  • Monster Triangle Bookmarks
  • Paper Plate Wind Spinner
  • Fish Mobiles
  • Easy Origami Chopper Puppets
  • Fortune Tellers
  • Changeable Funny Paper People

Dance (ages 5+)

92Y Dance Instructor leads dance games, fun moves, and will teach a short routine to your child’s favorite song! Kids will also have a chance to show off their best moves!

  • TuTu Cute: Ages 4-6
  • Hip Hop: Ages 5+

Materials Needed: Clothes to move; non-slip floor surface (mat or carpet).

Yogi Beans (ages 4-11)

92Y is proud to partner with our pals at Yogi Beans to bring you a Virtual Yoga Field Trip!

A Professional Yogi Beans instructor will lead Yoga-inspired, interactive games and activities that will connect your family and friends in an active celebration that promotes creativity, and imagination!

Ages: 4-11 years

Customize Your Yoga Field Trip:

Let the imagination run free and choose a customizable motif that will personalize the Yoga Party Experience:

Examples include, but are not limited to: Safari, Outer space, Unicorn Island, Birds, Under the Sea, etc. 

Materials Needed: Clothes to move, non-slip floor space (mat or carpet).

What’s included: Everything included with a standard field trip, plus:

  • coordination and set-up of the Virtual Room
  • recording of your virtual field trip;
  • announcement on Yogi Beans social media (optional)


How it works:

  1. Choose and purchase one of the virtual Kids Konnection field trip themes above on the registration page
  2. Contact us to schedule your event day and time and to select your activity (for Art Field Trips)
  3. You will receive an invitation link to the online Kids Konnection including your reserved day and time, along with instructions, to share with your guests.

What you will need for the Virtual Kids Konnection:

  • A device with strong internet connection, webcam, and microphone
  • The ability to share the Zoom link with guests
  • Additional materials specified under each theme

Included with this Virtual Kids Konnection:

  • A one hour, professionally led virtual field trip led by 92Y activity specialist
  • Special requests communicated directly with professional activity specialist prior to the Kids Konnection field trip date
  • A Zoom invitation link
  • Screenshots of the event which will be sent to the group administrator

More Themes Coming Soon:

  • Dance: Belly Dancing
  • GymTykes: Explorers Party (Ages 3-5)

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