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Jewish Life

ATiD is your destination for joyful, Jewish afterschool. Whether your family is Jewish or Jew-ish, ATiD is for you.

ATiD: “uh-teed,” noun, meaning future in Hebrew. Your child’s destination for joyful Jewish learning.

Sukkot kids
Rabbi Frank and learners (with the help of ATiD staff Rick Rosenbluth) getting in the Sukkot spirit in our COVID-safe sukkah at 92Y!

Currently meeting on Mondays both virtually and in-person!

Grades K-3 on Zoom: 4 to 5 pm EDT
Grades 4-5 in person at 92Y, 4-6 pm EDT
Grades 6-8 on Zoom 5 to 6:30 pm EDT

What is ATiD all about?

At ATiD, your child will engage with Jewish tradition, culture, and ritual, in a way that fits your life. Together, we’ll explore big questions, like what is special about being Jewish? How does Judaism help me make decisions? What is the rhythm of the Jewish year?

What ATiD is not: sitting and watching a screen. It is hands-on, and any given week might include arts, music, or dancing!

How is the ATiD curriculum adapting for this year?

This year at ATiD, your child will develop their resilience and discover the Jewish language around inner strength (ometz lev), shelter of peace (sukkat shalom), our superpowers (g’vurah), community (k’hillah), and loving-kindness (chesed). Our educators work with learners to explore these concepts in fun and interactive ways: through crafts, activities, and conversation. And of course, learners will learn all about holidays and Jewish stories!

The 92nd Street Y building is open some classes are meeting in-person, while other families have opted to keep class virtual (for now!). We make these decisions in accordance with both family comfort levels and New York State and New York City COVID-19 guidelines. If your family is outside New York, we’ll be able to accommodate you virtually throughout the year. If you have questions, please contact us.

In ATiD, we found exactly what we were looking for in a Jewish educational program for our children! While instilling in our boys the values, culture, and traditions of Judaism was a priority for us as parents, we felt that traditional synagogue programs didn’t fit our family’s needs. We love the warmth, flexibility, and individualized offerings of ATiD. We couldn’t have been happier with our older son’s incredibly personal Bar Mitzvah service and are looking forward to the same experience with our younger son!”

Jessica, ATiD Parent

We believe that Jewish education should be available to all. ATiD scholarships are need-based. All awards are partial. For information about scholarships and to receive an application, email Beth Teitelman, Director of Scholarship Services, or call 212.415.5699.

What is the price of ATiD?

It’s not too late to join in on the fun at ATiD! Worried about committing? Try us out for a session—for free! Scholarships and Payment plans are available.

To begin mid-January (16 sessions):
Grades K-3: $1,142
Grades 4-8: $1,257

To begin in February (14 sessions):
Grades K-3: $1,000
Grades 4-8: $1,021

Refund Policy for ATiD

Participants understand that, notwithstanding 92Y’s cleaning and disinfecting protocols and procedures in conformance with applicable State and Federal regulations, orders, laws and guidelines, 92Y cannot guarantee that its facilities or other individuals present in them are free of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and thus there is a risk involved with entering 92Y’s facilities relating to exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, and the participant and their families could potentially be exposed to these risks by participating in activities at 92Y. By registering for and / or attending any 92Y program, participants, on their own behalf and on behalf of their heirs, successors, assigns, agents and representatives, voluntarily release 92Y and its officers, directors, employees, contractors, volunteers, agents and representatives (“92Y Parties”) from any and all claims, demands, causes of action or liability for any loss, damages, injuries or death (including but not limited to those caused by, arising from or related to COVID-19) that the participant or their families may suffer as a result of entering or participating in or use of 92Y’s facilities, equipment, services or activities, whether the same arises out of or results from any act, omission or conduct of any of the 92Y Parties, negligent or otherwise.

In the event that some or all of the meetings of the ATiD program cannot happen in person at the 92nd Street Y, programs will be held at the scheduled time in a virtual format via a video conferencing platform. The program will continue through hands-on, at-home activities. No refunds will be issued should any portion of ATiD be held virtually.

92nd Street Y is not responsible for providing make-up classes or issuing refunds for programs missed as a result of illness, emergencies or other events beyond our control.

If your child is unable to attend, you may contact Customer Care prior to the date of registration for a receipt that enables you to claim your contribution as a tax-deductible gift.

Bat/Bar Mitzvah Tutor and Officiant Matching

92Y’s ATiD program offers families enrolled in afterschool the opportunity to prepare for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah through individualized tutoring. Families can select a variety of tutoring packages from six to eighteen sessions for 45–60 minutes. Tutors are matched with families based on their unique needs and personalities.

92Y also connects families with vetted bat/bar mitzvah officiants (rabbis, cantors and others) and with other resources that will allow them to have the traditional or creative Bat/Bar Mitzvah ceremony that meets their family’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tuition for 2020-21?

For the 2020-2021 school year, full annual tuition for learners in grades K-3 is $2000, grades 4-8 is $2200. Payment plans and scholarships are available.

Are scholarships available?

Yes! All 92Y scholarships are handled by Beth Teitelman, Director of Scholarships at 92Y. Learn more here.

What is the mission of ATiD?

At ATiD, we believe that Jewish wisdom can help us get more out of life, and that Jewish education should be joyful and active. We hope to create a life-long positive relationship between our learners, their families, and Judaism.

Will my child be sitting behind their computer during ATiD?

Absolutely not! After a full day of school, we feel the best way for children to learn is to get them up and moving and engaged with hands-on activities. Our educators will lead learners through activities including art, music, storytelling, cooking, drama, and more!

How large are classes?

ATiD classes do not exceed 10 students. We keep class sizes small to ensure that students get the attention that they need throughout their Jewish journey.

Are there opportunities for families to participate in Jewish life?

One of the most important values in Judaism is kehila—community. 92Y thrives on bringing families together by celebrating our rich traditions and holidays. We value the importance of having our students share what they’ve learned with the community. There are many opportunities for them to do so and for families to celebrate together.

At 92Y, we offer youth and family services for High Holidays, a family Passover Seder, as well as Chanukah and Purim concerts, and our seasonal Shabbat dinners.

My child isn’t sure about having a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony. When does our family need to decide if that’s right for us?

Preparation for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah traditionally begins in Grade 7 so that the ceremony can be performed between the ages of 12 and 13. At 92Y we’re here to help families (or prospective students) explore what feels right for them in expanding their Jewish identity. If you’re interested in speaking with someone about making this decision, our Rabbis would be happy to connect with you.

If a child decides later (at any age) that they’d like to become a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, we are here to connect your family with vetted tutors and officiants.

Can I have my child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony at 92Y?

Yes, 92Y hosts many Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies and receptions annually. We’ve also helped families organize ceremonies at other venues and locations, including Israel! ATiD staff will work with you closely to help you with your needs. For more info about rentals, click here.

Will ATiD meet in person this year? How are you adapting to COVID-19?

Our program is currently meeting online. For K-3, the meeting is 4-5pm. For grades 4-8, the meeting is 5-630 pm. There are many opportunities to meet on-site at 92Y, where social distancing and mask-wearing is required at all times. Learn more about guidelines for visiting 92Y. We will continue to evaluate as the year goes on.

Why are some classes meeting virtually and some classes meeting in person?

At ATiD we are mindful both of city and state COVID guidelines, but also parent comfort. At this point, only the 4-5th grade class has opted to meet in person at 92Y. We stay in close contact with families as we make these decisions.

Contact Us

Please email us with any questions or to learn more about ATiD.