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Why Did Mitt Romney Lose?

Nov 9, 2012

After watching the political cult classic, Bob Roberts, the panel featuring the Daily Show's Larry Wilmore, Salon's Alex Pareene, former Wonkette editor Ken Layne, The DailyBeast's David Freedlander, Decode DC's Andrea Seabrook and author Elinor Lipman talks about the factors that went into Governor Romney's election loss. Pareene pointed to a combination of Mitt Romney as a weak candidate and the Republican Party brand being "toxic." Freedlander thought Romney was a "fine" candidate, but they have a problem with the countries changing demographics. Seabrook disagreed entirely, calling Romney a "terrible candidate" who "could not make anyone's heart beat any faster." Layne thought the long drawn out primary, the Republican "clown show," helped President Obama and hurt Mitt Romney. Lipman criticized Governor Romney's attack on the Affordable Care Act, pointing to the fact that he enacted a very similar plan as Governor of Massachusetts.

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