Wallace Stevens: "Credences of Summer" and "An Ordinary Evening in New Haven" - 92Y, New York

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Wallace Stevens: "Credences of Summer" and "An Ordinary Evening in New Haven"

Jan 25, 1951

Wallace Stevens’ first appearance at the Poetry Center was in 1951 and features him reading two of his longer poems, “Credences of Summer” and “An Ordinary Evening in New Haven.”

Now in midsummer come and all fools slaughtered And spring’s infuriations over and a long way To the first autumnal inhalations, young broods Are in the grass, the roses are heavy with a weight Of fragrance and the mind lays by its trouble.

Now the mind lays by its trouble and considers. The fidgets of remembrance come to this. This is the last day of a certain year Beyond which there is nothing left of time. It comes to this and the imagination’s life.

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