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HBO Max’s Valley of Tears

Yaron Zilberman, Joy Rieger, Lee Biran and Aviv Alush in Conversation with Faith Salie

Dec 16, 2020

Join director Yaron Zilberman (Incitement) and cast members Joy Rieger, Lee Biran and Aviv Alush for a conversation with Faith Salie about HBO Max’s harrowing new 10-episode drama Valley of Tears. Inspired by the true events of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Valley of Tears follows a group of young Israeli combatants thrust into a war that could have been averted by the leaders they trusted. Four intertwined personal stories are at the heart of the series. “What is a war story but a story about people?” says Zilberman. Be there as he and the cast talk about portraying the real-life individuals whose stories of heroism and sacrifice the series tells, what it was like to shoot on the actual location of the war, and why it was important to tell this story now.

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