Understanding the New Israeli Government, Prospects for Peace, and the Role of the U.S. - 92Y, New York

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Understanding the New Israeli Government, Prospects for Peace, and the Role of the U.S.

Aaron David Miller, Khalil Shakiki, David Horovitz in Conversation with Elise Labott

Jun 28, 2021

Even by Middle Eastern standards the past month in the region has been head-spinning and volatile. Conflict between Israelis and Palestinian along three fronts — Jerusalem; Gaza and within Israel proper fractured an already tenuous status quo. An Egyptian brokered and US supported cease-fire ended the latest round between Israel and Hamas but with no real assurances that conflict might not resume. Meanwhile in a surprising turn in Israeli politics, a new government was formed — the first in a decade without Benjamin Netanyahu at its head. Join us as four veteran analysts, practitioners and journalists assess these developments and weigh their consequences for the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, their impact on the region and relations with the Biden Administration.

Aaron David Miller

Aaron David Miller is currently a Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace …

Khalil Shikaki

Khalil Shikaki is a professor of political science, and director of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) in Ramallah …

David Horovitz

David Horovitz is the founding editor of The Times of Israel, which launched in 2012 …

Elise Labott

Elise Labott is a columnist at Foreign Policy magazine and leading journalist covering U.S. foreign policy and international issues …

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