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Toni Morrison on the Concept of Good and Evil

Apr 27, 2015

"What made you interested in that as a concept?" Farah Jasmine Griffin asked Toni Morrison about the idea of "good."

"For years now, I've just been bored, bored, bored, with evil," Morrison began. "It's just not interesting." "Evil wears a top hat and it has tap shoes and a cape and it's on stage and it's hollerin'. And goodness is always backstage, sort of waving, but [evil] takes up all the energy because it is nothing. It gotta have a costume. It's gotta be loud. It's gotta be bloody. ... Even in this recent, sort of spate of police people shooting young men. They say they did it because they thought their life was in danger. And when you think of shooting someone in the back cause you scared? Think about that. They're running that away from you because they're scared and you shoot them because you're afraid for your life? That is the most cowardly. ... And a coward with a gun is the most dangerous thing in the world."

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