Timothy Weaver: FlussoReflusso (live cinema performance, 2019) - 92Y, New York

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Timothy Weaver: FlussoReflusso (live cinema performance, 2019)

Apr 7, 2019

FlussoReflusso is a work of live cinema (audio and video) performance that reanimates and revisits the ebb and flow of Leonardo’s drawings on scales from the metabolic/anatomic to the atmospheric. The project enriches the iconic Leonardo art-science residues through redrawn equivalents of our interior-exterior flows from the aorta to the deluge paired with the sonic expression of transcoded bioinformatics to sound. The intent of the work is a suspension of audience in the immersive moment of art-science practice across time.

This conversation was part of The Soul of Leonardo da Vinci: A symposium in celebration of the quincentenary of Leonardo’s death, with Hanna Arie-Gaifman, Jonathan Berger, Howard Morgan, Michael Kubovy, Israel Nelken, Barbara Tversky, Timothy Weaver, and Robert Zwijnenberg.

Co-Produced by the 92nd Street Y and Stanford University’s Symposium on Music and the Brain.