"Take a Stand" by Rebecca Schoffer (a song for an unsung “shero” of Purim) - 92Y, New York

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"Take a Stand" by Rebecca Schoffer (a song for an unsung “shero” of Purim)

Mar 21, 2019

In the story of Purim, King Ahashvaros asks his wife, Queen Vashti to go before his party guests and show off her beauty. Queen Vashti refuses. She is then replaced by the famous heroine of Purim, Queen Esther...There is a lot of talk about Queen Esther around Purim time, but not as much about Queen Vashti. This is a song for an unsung "shero" of Purim, and all the unsung "sheroes" out there. Enjoy and please share with anyone who might want to sing along and TAKE A STAND! Let's teach our kids the power of making good choices, being true to themselves and standing up for what they know is good and right. Happy Purim!
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