SoulCycle's Stacey Griffith in conversation with Kelly Ripa - 92Y, New York

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SoulCycle's Stacey Griffith in conversation with Kelly Ripa

Mar 7, 2017

In her first book Two Turns from Zero: Pushing to Higher Fitness Goals Converting Them to Life Strength (William Morrow; On Sale March 7, 2017) Stacey Griffith shows readers how to ramp up fitness results, and more importantly, how to translate that physical performance into their professional and personal lives.

Stacey's personal story is also inspiring: in the 1990s, as a struggling fitness instructor, she hit bottom through a series of life events, and was a self-described unsuccessful human being. But by 2005 Stacey had pulled herself together and in this book shares her secrets for how you can too!

Two Turns from Zero creates a blueprint for how readers can become healthy, happy and empowered through three equally important sections:

MOTIVATION: Stacey's personal story paired with finding your individual purpose INTENTION: Setting intentions, defining your goals and creating space for change ACTION: Stacey unparalleled methods straight from the bike-Eat, Love, Train, Repeat

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