Shababa The Concert: 2013 - 92Y, New York

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Shababa The Concert: 2013

Mar 17, 2013

Shababa the Concert is an intergenerational explosion of music. Sing along with Karina, the Shababa Mamas, Shababa Abbas, Shababa Bubbies, Shababa Sparks, and the Shababa Nannies at this joyful celebration.

Karina Zilberman – Artistic Director Matt Turk – Musical Director Tim Ouimette – Trumpeter Gary Schreiner – Keyboardist Adam Roberts – Bass Rich Stein – Percussion Carey White – Violin Ron McBee – Percussion

Shababa Mamas: Caralee Caplan-Shaw, Yanina Levitan, Debbi Herzig, Serena Kappes, Stephanie Levey, Ilana Grossman, Lee’at Sharoni, Marcelle Rand, Elana Maser, Patty Stark, Robin Unger, Sharon Thomas, Tammy Bieber, Reisha Goldman, Phillipa Zamir, Jordana Bales

Shababa Sparks: Ava Bales, Lila Bales, Aviv Herzig, Callie Gardner, Alexis Gardner, Eden Zamir, Danielle Gabbay Pick, Mathew Kohn, Max Bieber, Natalie Shaw, Gabriel Shaw, Nicole Ogen, Sienna Ogen, Rosie Harnoy, Aria Kachoui, Daniel Levey, Julie Levey, Alexandra Levey, Eliana Levey, Rachel Weller, Isabelle Pines, Isabelle Stavsky, Sophie Zable, Natlalia Hecker, Cassie Schwartz, Mia Stark, Elie Stark

Shababa Bubbies: Irene Berkson, Carole Lavin, Ann Sharoni, Naomi Siegel, Barbara White, Jacki Small, Toney Paris, Natalie Kent, Rosemary Caplan, Deborah Kaufman, Karen Friedman

Shababa Nannies: Nazeda Latif, Susan Boothman

Shababa Abbas: Michael Bales, Aharon Rabinowitz, Ronen Herzig, Paul Krikler, Gregory Kegeles

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