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Sam Sifton with Padma Lakshmi: See You on Sunday

Feb 19, 2020

New York Times food editor and columnist Sam Sifton can dazzle guests with chef-y cooking. But he’d rather not.

His preferred approach is to cook and eat great, no-fuss food with family and friends. “(People) show up. Feed them. It isn’t much more complicated than that,” he says. Sifton joins us to share low-stress, big-flavor recipes from his new book, See You on Sunday: A Cookbook for Family and Friends, all designed to make sharing meals with family and friends more achievable, more joyful, and more frequent. Don’t miss this deeply personal perspective from the man Epicurious calls the “ambassador of deliciousness,” as he talks about the great pleasure to be found in cooking simply for others, and the delight and connection that can be found over the simplest and most perfect of desserts: Mallomars with Champagne flutes of milk.

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