Kevin Spacey on Casino Jack: Reel Pieces™ with Annette Insdorf - 92Y, New York

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Kevin Spacey on Casino Jack: Reel Pieces™ with Annette Insdorf

Jan 4, 2011

Kevin Spacey talks with Annette Insdorf for our Reel Pieces series about Casino Jack. In the film, Spacey portrays the career of Washington, D.C. lobbyist and businessman Jack Abramoff, who was involved in massive corruption that ultimately led to him serving more than three years in prison. The screening was followed by an engaging interview with Spacey.

In this highlights clip, Spacey explains meeting Abramoff in prison and then after the film premiered, learning that Abramoff’s children thought Spacey offered a fair portrayal of their father. Insdorf and Spacey also discuss Spacey’s roles in The Usual Suspects, Superman Returns, Shrink and others. The audience was also treated to two impressions by Spacey, one of former president Bill Clinton and one of Marlon Brando.

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