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Race to City Hall

Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President, Mayoral Candidate

in Conversation with Seth Pinsky

Feb 8, 2020

Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President, joins 92Y CEO Seth Pinsky for a one-on-one conversation about his mayoral run. What is his vision for New York City, and his plans for public health, economic recovery, housing, racial justice, education, the arts and culture?

5 things to know:

  • Born: Brownsville, Brooklyn
  • Home: Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
  • Latest Position: Brooklyn Borough President
  • Previous positions: State Senator, NYPD officer
  • Twitter Tagline: “Political account for a proud son of Brownsville, retired NYPD captain, former state senator, and current BK borough president.”

Eric Adams

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams was born in Brownsville, Brooklyn and raised in South Jamaica, Queens …

Seth Pinsky

Seth Pinsky is CEO of the 92nd St. Y. At 92Y, Pinsky is developing an action plan for 92Y heading into its 150th anniversary …
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