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Pete Hamill with Jonathan Schwartz: Why Sinatra Matters

Nov 23, 2015

On the eve of the anniversary of Sinatra’s 100th birthday (Dec 12) and with a new look and introduction Pete Hamill evokes the essence of Sinatra in Why Sinatra Matters examining his art and legend from the inside, as only a friend of many years could do.

Shaped by Prohibition, the Depression and war, Francis Albert Sinatra became the troubadour of the 20th Century enabling millions of others to tell their own stories through his songs. Hamill enlightens us about this enormously talented and often controversial figure who was a man of his time. Writer and Radio host Jonathan Schwartz who for decades has been radio’s foremost explicator of Frank Sinatra and was acknowledged by Sinatra himself to be his best-informed fan, joins him in conversation.

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