Paul O'Dette: Guitar Talks with Benjamin Verdery - 92Y, New York

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Guitar Talks with Benjamin Verdery

Presented by 92Y and D'Addario

Paul O'Dette: Guitar Talks with Benjamin Verdery

Nov 3, 2011

An unparalleled master of the lute, Paul O’Dette presented an evening of lute music by English Renaissance masters John Dowland and Daniel Bacheler. A frequent 92Y guest, O’Dette had curated its 2010 Bach Guitar Marathon.

O’Dette begins his conversation with Benjamin Verdery by talking about his start as a guitarist in a rock band and how he discovered the lute. He explains how he finds works to fill his Renaissance repertoire, many of which are anonymously written. He demonstrates techniques for playing the lute, and he discusses the difficulties of keeping a multi-stringed instrument in tune and the use of synthetic gut strings.

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