Michael Pollan: Cooked - 92Y, New York

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Michael Pollan: Cooked

May 13, 2014

Not many people are so committed to their work that they would purchase a live steer just to learn something. But that’s what Michael Pollan did—to see first hand how the beef we eat really makes its way from the food lot to the table. Through his bestselling books and Oscar-nominated documentary, Food, Inc., Pollan is in large part responsible for changing the way many of us think about, talk about and live with food. Join the author of the bestselling books Cooked, The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food and learn how cooking might just be the answer to family life, health issues and a broken food system. Special Introduction by author, teacher, and long-time advocate of relocalizing the food system, Joan Gussow.

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