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Michael Lewis in Conversation with Malcolm Gladwell: Against the Rules

Apr 3, 2019

Two of the leading thinkers of our time—bestselling authors Michael Lewis and Malcolm Gladwell—join us for a conversation about Michael Lewis’s new podcast, Against the Rules.

Everywhere you look, you find anger that is, at bottom, a complaint about fairness. Against the Rules explores the corrosion of fairness in America and around the world, and what it has done to our society, mostly without our noticing. From basketball courts to courts of law, it’s become commonplace to attack and weaken the authority of the people whose job it is to ensure fairness and make the call. Michael Lewis asks what happens when fairness can’t be enforced and what does the decline of the referee means for all of us? Are some people inherently more fair-minded than others? What happens when Americans stop believing in the authority and independence of their referees? Can it ever be regained?

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