Malcolm Gladwell with Jelani Cobb: Talking to Strangers - 92Y, New York

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Malcolm Gladwell with Jelani Cobb: Talking to Strangers

Sep 27, 2019

Malcolm Gladwell has a simple question: how should we talk to people we don’t know? But the answers are far thornier—and more fascinating—than we can imagine.

Join the celebrated, New York Times-bestselling author in a provocative discussion with Jelani Cobb about his new book, Talking to Strangers. Upending our fundamental assumptions about trust and deception, Gladwell uses case studies like the Bernie Madoff scandal, the trial of Amanda Knox and the death of poet Sylvia Plath to make a fresh, illuminating argument that our longstanding cultural assumptions about communication and familiarity are due for an update in 2019 and beyond.

This event is supported by Producers Circle member GTS (Atoosa and Ari Rubenstein).

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