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Lou Reed with Anthony DeCurtis

Sep 18, 2006

A few months before Lou Reed performed his 1973 album, Berlin, live for the first time in 2006, he sat down with Rolling Stone's Anthony DeCurtis for a wide-ranging discussion on his life and career. Topics include the Velvet Underground, his solo work, influences like Andy Warhol and Delmore Schwartz, and thoughts on MP3s and getting reviewed by the New York Times.

In his intro, DeCurtis says:

"Other than, or along with, The Beatles and Bob Dylan, Lou Reed has defined so much of what contemporary music is about... I've interviewed him a couple of times for magazine stories but my favorite conversations with him have often occurred running into him on the street, and at those moments... you know, that's why we live in New York. So, the King of New York, Lou Reed."