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Jon Stewart with Terry Gross

Sep 29, 2010

Jon Stewart sits down with NPR Fresh Air's Terry Gross for the release of  his Earth (The Book): A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race. In this highlights clip, Stewart cracks wise about 92nd Street Y and explains the purpose behind his Rally To Restore Sanity: “...the march is merely a construct. It’s just a format...” Stewart allowed, “to translate the type of expression that we’s a format to be filled with the type of material that Stephen and I do and the point of view.”

The conversation continued with discussion about what it is that Jon Stewart and crew do on The Daily Show. According to Stewart, the work they do is all about using their instincts, making connections between news stories and then looking into it. Terry described it as journalism. “Nah, I don’t think so,” Stewart disagreed, “I think it’s called Googling.” Either way, Terry expressed surprise at the information she discovers on The Daily Show: “I often feel like, how come I had to find out about [an issue] on your show, a comedy show?!” “That’s funny,” Steward deadpanned, "because we often feel that way as well."

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