Jay Caspian Kang: The Loneliest Americans - 92Y, New York

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Jay Caspian Kang: The Loneliest Americans

In conversation with Jia Tolentino

Oct 13, 2021

This book is about that desperate need to find oneself within the narrative of a country that would rather write you out of it.

Join New York Times columnist Jay Caspian Kang as he talks with Jia Tolentino (New Yorker staff writer and author of Trick Mirror) about his new book, The Loneliest Americans, a mix of family history, personal reflection and original reporting that investigates and reimagines Asian American identity.

“Kang is an unmissable interrogator of contemporary identity politics: sharp, conflicted, allergic to sanctimony, and unsparing most of all when he looks at himself,” writes Tolentino. “The Loneliest Americans is a call for a multivalent and radically honest vision of Asian life in America.”

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