Andy Akiho: Aluminous (2019)—JACK Quartet & Colin Currie - 92Y, New York

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Andy Akiho: Aluminous (2019)—JACK Quartet & Colin Currie

Nov 16, 2019

JACK Quartet
Christopher Otto, Austin Wulliman, violins
John Pickford Richards, viola
Jay Campbell, cello
Colin Currie, vibraphone & objects
Aluminous composed in 2019
Andy Akiho (b. 1979)
Aluminous, Andy Akiho’s brand new work for string quartet and percussion, had its New York premiere at 92nd Street Y’s Buttenwieser Hall on November 16, 2019. Of the work’s world premiere in Philadelphia the prior day, the Inquirer’s David Patrick Stearns wrote:

The youngest piece on the concert was completed this past Tuesday. No wonder there were no printed program notes. But nothing about Andy Akiho’s Aluminous or its performance felt last-minute — and that’s a hallmark of JACK, which not only plays challenging music well but seems to fully fathom it. The music had a wonderful way of gathering momentum, only to have individual strands in the quartet stumbling all over each other. The percussion writing was like a music box careening toward a psychotic breakdown. Pizzicato string writing recalled Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4 on steroids. Aluminous made me very happy to live in an age when all such things can co-exist in the same piece. 
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