Israel Nelken: Leonardo on Music - 92Y, New York

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Israel Nelken: Leonardo on Music

Apr 7, 2019

The transience of music makes it, in da Vinci's mind, lesser to painting in that it dies in the process of being created, while the beauty of painting is remembered for a long time. I will present an account of Leonardo's claim within current views of auditory perception, including the notion of reverse hierarchies, the role of predictive coding in audition, and the active/constructive nature of perception.

This conversation was part of The Soul of Leonardo da Vinci: A symposium in celebration of the quincentenary of Leonardo’s death, with Hanna Arie-Gaifman, Jonathan Berger, Howard Morgan, Michael Kubovy, Israel Nelken, Barbara Tversky, Timothy Weaver, and Robert Zwijnenberg.

Co-Produced by the 92nd Street Y and Stanford University’s Symposium on Music and the Brain.