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Impact Investing and Inclusive Philanthropy

Amit Bouri, Lisette Cooper and Tulaine Montgomery moderated by CNBC's Pippa Stevens with introduction by Cathie Behrend and John Dowd

Sep 21, 2020

The world is facing historic challenges and, more than ever, people are looking for ways to help make meaningful change. Impact investing offers individuals and organizations an opportunity to support positive change-making action. Learn the basics of impact giving, including how it differs from philanthropy and how it fits within the context of traditional investing, and the latest and future trends in this dynamic field.

This program is being offered as part of a series on impact giving along with:

Amit Bouri

Amit Bouri is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of the GIIN, where he leads the largest global community of impact investors …

Lisette Cooper

Lisette Cooper, PhD, is the Vice Chair of Fiduciary Trust International and former CEO of Athena Capital Advisors …

Tulaine Montgomery

Tulaine Montgomery is a Managing Partner and member of the Executive Team at New Profit …

Cathie Behrend

Cathie Behrend

Cathie Behrend is the former deputy director of the Percent for Art program in the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs …

John Dowd

John Dowd

John M. Dowd, Chief Executive Officer of Fiduciary Trust Company International, is a member of the Board of Directors …

Pippa Stevens

Pippa Stevens

Pippa Stevens is a markets reporter at CNBC, where she focuses on all aspects of the energy industry …

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