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HBO’s We’re Here: Bob The Drag Queen, Eureka, Shangela and the show’s EPs in Conversation with’s Brett White

May 14, 2020

Tune in to stars Bob The Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara, and Shangela Laquifa Wadley of HBO’s heartwarming and empowering unscripted series We’re Here. Together with creators/executive producers Johnnie Ingram and Stephen Warren, and showrunner/director/executive producer Peter LoGreco, they will dive into the experience of bringing drag shows to small towns across America and their hopes for how this show can build community, open minds, and provide the love and empathy we all need. The panel, moderated by Decider’s Brett White, will consist of three parts as each queen discusses the show’s journey with one of the EPs: Shangela and Stephen Warren; Eureka and Johnnie Ingram; Bob The Drag Queen and Peter LoGreco.

Watch the first episode of HBO’s We’re Here for free, no subscription necessary.

Bob The Drag Queen

The alter ego of comic/actor Caldwell Tidicue, “Bob The Drag Queen,” describes herself as “hilarious, beautiful, talented and... humble.” …


Eureka started out as a small country child in the heart of East Tennessee. Also known as David Huggard, a student of East Tennessee State University …


Actor and Performer, D.J. “Shangela” Pierce, is best recognized as the only contestant to compete on three separate seasons …

Stephen Warren

A longtime Hollywood lawyer, We’re Here is Stephen’s first foray into producing a television series, …

Johnnie Ingram

Coming from a background in marketing and advertising, We’re Here is Johnnie’s first foray into producing …

Peter LoGreco

Peter LoGreco is filmmaker who showruns, produces, and directs documentary film and television …

Brett White

Brett White is a reporter/producer for Decider, where he writes about drag queens, Marvel superheroes …

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