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Gad Elmaleh's first time doing comedy in English

Sep 15, 2018

Gad Elmaleh tells Mary Green about his first disastrous experience doing stand-up comedy in English.

Gad Elmaleh is one of the biggest and most recognizable comedic talents in the world.

Since the Morocco-born comedy superstar moved to the United States, Gad has quickly grown from being France’s most popular standup comedian and actor, to becoming a global comedy sensation. He studied English (with hilarious takeaways), played small clubs, and became a favorite on the late-night talk show circuit before selling out Carnegie Hall, and landing his new Netflix special, Gad Elmaleh: American Dream. How did Elmaleh’s challenge of starting over fuel his winning brand of observational humor and provide him with the culture shock material that has proved to be comedy gold? Find out just days ahead of his first world tour!