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The Future of Philanthropy: Why We Give

Jun 14, 2017

America is entering a new golden age of philanthropy. But who are the donors stepping forward to give? What motivates them? How do they choose their causes? And what impact is their generosity having on our society?

One of the earliest signers of the Gates/Buffet Giving Pledge to give away at least half his wealth to philanthropy, David Rubenstein has made large gifts to organizations from the National Archives to the Smithsonian to Duke University to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Rubenstein sees his donations as “down payments for my obligation to repay the country for everything I’ve had.” He’s joined in conversation by a panel that includes Jessica Bibliowicz, Chairman of the Weill Cornell Medicine Board of Overseers and board member of Cornell University, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Sotheby’s and the Asia Pacific Fund, among others. Join them for an inspiring and entertaining conversation the future of philanthropy.

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