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What does the future hold for robotics in medicine?

Oct 27, 2016

What does the future hold for robotics in medicine? Medical experts from Weill Cornell Medicine discuss this fascinating topic. Joining us for this panel are Cheguevara Afaneh, MD; T. Sloane Guy, MD; Jim Hu, MD; Jeffrey Port, MD; Douglas Scherr, MD; and Joel Stein, MD, with moderator Dr. Max Gomez from WCBS-TV.

The past decade has produced tremendous advances in the use of robotics across clinical areas, vastly expanding the horizons of disease management.

But rather than simply focusing on the “gee whiz” factor of robotics, successful integration in chronic disease management depends on adoption, compliance, and most importantly, patient outcomes. What robotic innovations are driving the most impact on outcomes, and where are the most promising areas for future advancement that help patients manage diseases and diagnoses?

For more information, contact the Weill Cornell Medicine experts directly.

Cheguevara Afaneh, M.D. cha9043@med.cornell.edu 646-962-8462 T. Sloane Guy, M.D. tsg9002@med.cornell.edu 212-746-9443 Jim Hu, M.D. jch9011@med.cornell.edu 212-746-4600 Jeffrey Port, M.D. jlp2002@med.cornell.edu 212-746-5197 Douglas Scherr, M.D. dss2001@med.cornell.edu 212-746-5788 Joel Stein, M.D. jos7021@med.cornell.edu 212-305-4818

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