Frank Gehry with Paul Goldberger - 92Y, New York

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Frank Gehry with Paul Goldberger

Oct 13, 2010

World-renowned architect Frank Gehry and Paul Goldberger, architecture critic for The New Yorker, have a wide-ranging discussion on architectural design all over the world, with particular attention paid to Gehry’s Beekman Tower (aka 8 Spruce Street) in Lower Manhattan. In the highlights above, watch Gehry give an insiders look at the making of that iconic and extraordinary building, (Manhattan’s tallest residential building) and explain the creation and construction of the buildings gleaming, undulating facade you’ve probably seen rising high above Lower Manhattan.

Our favorite part? Gehry began the talk by showing slides of the building in various stages of construction, including a photo showing the magnificent views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Lower East Side, as seen from a bay window. “The idea of having the apartments have a bay window, so that when you walk towards the window, you walk into the bay,” Gehry explained, “and you see in both directions, like walking out into space.”

Atlantic Yards Report attended the talk as well, and has an extensive report from the evening.

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