Thomas Fellow: Agrippina (2012) — Fellow and Steidl - 92Y, New York

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Thomas Fellow: Agrippina (2012) — Fellow and Steidl

Nov 9, 2019

Thomas Fellow and Pavel Steidl, guitars
Agrippina composed in 2012
Thomas Fellow (b. 1966)

Recorded during the European Guitar Quartet’s performance in Kaufmann Concert Hall on November 9, 2019. Thomas Fellow gave the following introduction to his piece:

We’d like to play a very soft piece which I wrote about Agrippina, who was the wife of Claudius Caesar in Rome. In my opinion she had a wonderful life because, as the wife of a Caesar with a son, everything should be well-arranged. But after a while, probably bored by this life, she thought that maybe life could be better without her husband. She found someone to murder him, and her son, Nero, inherited the throne. After a while, probably, Nero thought “life is great, but could be a bit better without my mother.” This is the piece about the last moments in the life of Agrippina.
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