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Be a part of our 75th anniversary by recording a reading of your favorite poem! Whether your reading is a humble tribute, a whispered prayer or a barbaric yawp, we want to hear how you love the words.

For 75 years, 92Y’s Unterberg Poetry Center has celebrated literature by presenting poets—like W. H. Auden, Adrienne Rich, Derek Walcott, Elizabeth Bishop and Pablo Neruda—reading their work from our stage. These unforgettable evenings have inspired generations of literature lovers, and many of these archival recordings are newly available through Poetry Center Online. Explore the site for inspiration and then add your voice to the celebration!

Record a poem on SoundCloud by following the instructions below. It’s easy!

  1. Log in to, or sign up for, SoundCloud.
  2. Click on “Upload” to record.
  3. Press “Rec” (the record button), read the poem, then press the stop button.
  4. In the Title field, use this format: [title of poem] by [name of poet], read by [your name].
  5. In the Tags field, enter “love-the-words”.
  6. Send us the link to your recording with this email form.
  7. Check back here to see your poem!
  8. Share your poem with friends via Facebook and Twitter.


If you have any questions, please contact us.