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Eliot Spitzer with Jeff Greenfield

May 2, 2010

Eliot Spitzer sits down with Jeff Greenfield to talk about Wall Street and government among other topics. At one point during the conversation about Goldman Sachs and their ilk, Spitzer castigated them: “These guys know how to run a casino,” he bluntly noted, “not an economy.”

Jeff Greenfield, the evening’s host, told the audience that Spitzer set no conditions for the discussion, and answered all of the questions thrown at him by Greenfield and the audience. Except for one:

At one point, Jeff Greenfield asked Spitzer why David Paterson had been forced out of the running for New York’s 2010 gubernatorial election. Spitzer’s response (paraphrased):

Spitzer: I’m...I’m going to take a pass on that one. I’m not saving the answer for my memoirs or anything, but that’s for another time. I’ll say that it’s an answer that speaks poorly of Albany, not David, and we’ll leave it at that. Greenfield: Three more sentences, and we’d be there.

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