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Election 2020: What To Expect on November 3rd?

Former Congressmen Steve Israel and David Jolly In Conversation with Richard Salomon

Oct 22, 2020

Once on opposite sides of the aisle and recognized masters of bipartisanship, former New York Democratic Congressman Steve Israel and former Florida Republican Congressman David Jolly join us for a critical talk about the 2020 Presidential election. They bring their deep experience as Washington insiders and the banter of longtime friends to a conversation about the divisiveness and dysfunction in Washington and what voters can do to begin healing our country. On the table: the state of both the Presidential and Senate races with fewer than two weeks remaining, addressing any September or October “surprises” in the run-up to the election, how mail-in voting might impact the process, and what we can expect on November 3rd—and the days that follow—in an election season truly like no other. Don’t miss Israel and Jolly, as they bring their inside knowledge and independent perspective to a defining moment in American democracy.

Steve Israel

Former Congressman Steve Israel was a Member of Congress for sixteen years …

David Jolly

David Jolly served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2014–2017 …

Richard Salomon

Richard Salomon is a Harvard-educated lawyer and CEO, who sits on many Boards from the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Together We Remember …

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