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92Y & Entertainment Weekly Presents Apple’s Defending Jacob

with cast Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery, Jaeden Martell and producers Mark Bomback and Morten Tyldum in Conversation with Devan Coggan

Jun 30, 2020

Most parents would readily agree that they’d do anything to protect their child—but what happens when that child is accused of the unthinkable? Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery star in Apple’s limited series Defending Jacob, about the seemingly idyllic Barber family and the upheaval they experience when their son Jacob (Jaeden Martell) is charged with murder. Based on William Landay’s 2012 bestselling novel, Defending Jacob is a compelling character-driven thriller exploring guilt, deception, and how far a family will go to protect one of its own. Join Evans, Dockery and Martell, and the show's executive producers Mark Bomback and Morten Tyldum as they talk with Entertainment Weekly’s Devan Coggan about bringing their twisty thriller to the screen, from first accusations to that final, gut-wrenching ending.

All eight episodes of Defending Jacob are now available to stream exclusively on Apple TV+.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans has emerged as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors for both big budget and independent features …

Michelle Dockery

Michelle Dockery trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and won the Gold Medal for Drama …

Jaeden Martell

Immensely talented and dynamic on screen, Jaeden Martell has already amassed quite a résumé at a young age …

Mark Bomback

A highly respected writer and producer with over two decades of experience in the film industry …

Morten Tyldum

Morten Tyldum is a Norwegian director and producer who received an Oscar® nomination for directing The Imitation Game

Devan Coggan

Devan Coggan is a staff writer at Entertainment Weekly, where she covers film, television, and all things geeky …

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