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HBO’s Crazy, Not Insane

Alex Gibney and Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis in Conversation with Human Rights Attorney Clive Stafford Smith

Nov 12, 2020

Join Academy Award-winner Alex Gibney and psychiatrist Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis in conversation with London-based human rights attorney Clive Stafford Smith about Gibney’s new documentary, Crazy, Not Insane—a provocative exploration of Lewis’ long career studying the psychology of murder. Gibney’s deft portrait of Lewis and her work expertly looks beyond the cold facts of crime and into the hearts and minds of killers themselves—including Arthur Shawcross, Ted Bundy, Mark David Chapman, and more. Clive Stafford Smith has represented over 400 death row inmates in legal cases in the US and around the world, and is the founder of Reprieve, a charity focusing on the direct representation of prisoners facing the death penalty. The conversation will focus on the making of the documentary, Lewis’ groundbreaking research, and why her testimony often played a part in criminal convictions and sentencing. The film will be available on HBO and to stream on HBO Max on November 18.

Alex Gibney

Director Alex Gibney called “the most important documentarian of our time” by Esquire Magazine has a signature cinematic style …

Dorothy Otnow Lewis

Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis is an American psychiatrist and author who has been an expert witness at a number of high-profile cases …

Clive Stafford Smith

Clive Stafford Smith JD OBE is the founder of Reprieve, a London based human rights charity that focuses on the direct representation of prisoners …

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